Custom La Cornue. Oui Oui.

La Cornue ranges have always represented a celebration of all that is glorious about France and the French culinary tradition. They exhibit timeless style and summon an expression of truly refined taste.

In 1908, in the heart of Paris, Albert Dupuy ignited the flame of elite cuisine. It was there that Dupuy premiered the world’s first convection oven. 110 years later… Dresner Design developed this custom La Cornue for one of our clients.

This range is the largest in the La Cornue lineup, coming in at 180 centimeters long (70.866 inches) and 710lbs. The La Cornue name for this range is the “Grand Palais.”

It is matte black with polished chrome with polished stainless steel trim and handle. It includes two large gas burners, one french top, one power burner, and one electric teppanyaki. On the left is a a vaulted ceiling gas oven and on the right is a vaulted ceiling electric oven.  Meaning you can receive the benefits of both gas and electric oven cooking within one range.

A custom range like this one can cost anywhere from $20,000 – $75,000 plus freight and delivery charges and takes 14-16 weeks to manufacture and ship from Paris. But it was well worth the wait!

A special thanks to ABT and Elliott Cohen for opening just for us 🙂

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