Lighting Technology: An Interview with Greg Kay from Lightology

Earlier this year, I discovered theTunable White Touch Controller lighting and I was hooked. This lighting system is a full-touch controller that offers fast and accurate color temperature adjustment and independent brightness dimming of a single zone. We asked Greg Kay, CEO & Chief Lighting Designer at PureEdge Lighting to tell us more.

Scott Dresner: Can you tell us a bit more about the Tunable White Touch Controller?

Greg Kay: Today’s smart home is all about control with the tap of an app, from adjusting temperature and scheduling your music, to setting the mood with your lighting. With Tunable White technology, choosing the perfect brightness and hue is at your fingertips, and the options are limitless. Dial up the brightness to 4000K in the bathroom to mimic natural daylight while getting ready, or hone in on soft warm hues at 2000K for a romantic night in. The Tunable White Touch Controller by PureEdge Lighting offers fast and accurate color temperature adjustment and independent brightness dimming of a single zone. This controller adjusts color temperature and brightness for warm and cool white LEDs within the full LED spectrum, and as an added bonus, you can save 3 preset scenes of your liking.

Scott Dresner: A big topic we are hearing a lot about this year is lighting as it relates to health and wellness. How can lighting affect emotion and health?

Greg Kay: As we spend more time indoors, in front of screens, and away from natural sunlight, our bodies aren’t receiving the stimulus they need to maintain proper health and rest. It is a proven fact that natural light is a motivator – we’re more productive under bright, white light and more relaxed under warm tones that mimic sunset.

Studies show that living with the shifting colors of the rising and setting sun helps restore our natural circadian rhythm, and as a result, improve our mental and physical health. This is the first time ever that humans have been able to live with this quality of light in their homes. If you have the option to live with natural light and sunset at your fingertips, why would you ever choose not to?

Thank you Greg! For more information on the Tunable White Touch Controller, visit Lightology in Chicago.

All photos courtesy of Lightology

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