Newsworthy Home Storage Tips

In January, Scott Dresner was featured on ABC7 Chicago news to show viewers how reinvent small spaces and get your home organized with some simple, DIY home storage tips.

Watch the full segment here.

One of the most common winter nesting activities is to organize and add more storage to your home. But it can be an overwhelming task to take on. The best way to start is to take small, simple steps, one room at a time. You can never have too much storage. With small homes and city home especially, you have to get creative and use every inch of space you have. Have an extra corner? Turn it into your laundry room. Instead of a traditional door, use doors that look like cabinetry and fold into the wall. It helps them to blend in and it doesn’t look like you have a home full of doors. No room for a pantry? You can easily install a roll-out cabinet in an un-used corner of your kitchen.

Window seats are another easy way to sneak in more storage – and they are functional. It gives you extra seating as well as a place to store objects you might not use every day.

When organizing the inside of your drawers and cabinets, try to keep everything that you use together, stored together. Keep all your baking stuff in one place, all your party supplies in another place, etc. And add some lighting inside your cabinets so you can see everything clearly and make it easier to find things.

Organizing your home can be easy – you just have to be motivated to do it. You can find all kinds of organization tools online or at retailers like the Container Store or Ikea, which are more affordable. Some of our favorites are the Blum drawer dividers to keep our cutlery sorted and looking tidy.

Tackling your closet can be another daunting task. It’s important to purge your closet regularly, a few times a year. Swap our your clothes seasonally and store clothes you aren’t using in a different place. This way there’s less stuff in your closet at all times and helps prevent overflow and keeps things looking clean.

Getting organized is all about the motivation to want to change and live this way. It starts with purging. You don’t need seven can openers. You only need what you need. Get rid of everything else and get organized.

If DIY isn’t cutting it for your home, then it might be time to bring in the professionals. Call Dresner Design. We can help.

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