How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

We all know that space is at a premium when it comes to your bathroom – especially when you live in the city. But just because your space might be small in terms of square footage, that doesn’t mean it has to feel small. We’ve compiled 3 of our best design tips and tricks for making your small bathroom feel larger.

Floating Vanity

It’s hard to believe what a bit of open floor space can do for a small room. By incorporating a floating vanity, as opposed to one that goes down to the floor, you might lose a little cabinet space, but it makes the room feel much more open and airy. Bonus – no more stubbed toes!

Pictured here: Our Chicago Penthouse complete with a floating vanity with cabinets from the Dresner Design Private Label Collection.

When in Doubt, Go All White

Perhaps one of the easiest design tricks to make a small room feel larger, is to go all white – cabinets, walls, tiles and all. White naturally makes a space feel bigger and reflects light, rather than absorbing it. Not a fan of the pure-white look? Warm up the space a bit through texture in the tile or countertops. Or try adding in metallic touches with the hardware. In our bathroom pictured to the right, we brought in marble countertops to bring warmth and character to this all-white space.

Pictured here: Our all-white Lincoln Park Modern Master Bath featuring white cabinets from Stosa and Carrera marble countertops.

Glass Shower

Enclosing your shower in glass as opposed to a shower curtain can really open up the space visually. Without those obstructions, the eye can stretch farther, making the space appear larger. While in the shower, the glass enclosure allows light to stream in so the shower itself doesn’t feel as tight.

Pictured below: Our Chestnut project featuring a glass-enclosed shower with multiple shower heads.

All photos by Jim Tschetter.

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