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Scott Dresner
Scott Dresner possesses the rare combination of expertise in both construction and design. Having started his cabinetry company in his garage at age 20, Dresner quickly grew it into a multi-million dollar business. The company expanded from 2 employees to more than 70, and Dresner soon designed and built out a new headquarters for the company to the tune of a 15,000 square foot, fully automated cabinet factory – one of the largest in Metropolitan Detroit. This feat amazingly was accomplished before Scott’s 26th birthday. It is this type of unflagging passion, dedication and expertise that has afforded Scott the ability to maintain his position that has afforded Scott the ability to maintain his position as an innovator in the cabinetry industry today, and for the last 30 years.

After selling his business in 1997, Scott set his sights across the globe and fell head over heels for Italian cabinetry. His love did not go unrequited as he soon became the sole US distributor of one of the largest cabinetry manufacturers in Italy. Dresner remains recognized in the industry today as a pioneer who brought reasonably priced high-end Italian cabinetry to America.

Passion for design and building, from this Midwest native, is no surprise. Scott is the nephew of fashion icon Linda Dresner and renowned real estate developer Milton Dresner. He credits each of them for introducing him to a world of building and design at a very young age… ” They taught me about design, function and quality and how to integrate all three elements into my life and business” he says. “I’ve lived conscious of design my entire life.”

Scott has worked in all facets of the cabinetry business for the past 30+ years, including completing thousands of units for developers across the country in multi-unit developments, designing and building kitchens, baths and wall-units in celebrity homes and residential estates, building and designing office furnishings in commercial spaces and designing and installing store fixtures in retail locations. All in all, he has designed and installed over 7000 kitchens and baths across the country. Dresner’s vast understanding of construction and his talent in design, has allowed him to create some of the most exquisite kitchens, baths and office spaces in the market today.

Dresner, a licensed builder for over 20 years, is also a highly accomplished renovation and construction expert and has worked in building renovation and construction since the early 80’s. His expertise and experience extends to both residential and commercial properties.

Cooper Wolfson
Cooper Wolfson is the Director of Operations at Dresner Design and joined the team in 2010. With a background in construction learning from his father, a renowned developer in the Detroit area, Cooper met Scott while working on several large-scale loft projects.

Cooper enjoys working with Scott every day, and his involvement in all facets of Dresner Design is extremely gratifying. “It is incredible to be apart of amazing projects from start to finish. I enjoy working with our clients to deliver incredible transformations of their homes. Learning from one of the nation’s top kitchen designers and builders is an extraordinary experience in design and construction”, says Cooper.

Cooper’s responsibilities include: project coordination with clients, trades and building management, project management and supervision of all construction, bids and proposals, business development and customer relations.

Cooper holds a Bachelors degree from Michigan State University where he graduated in 2009.

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