Kitchen Trends: Large, Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

One of the first items on every client’s wish list when it comes to a kitchen remodel is a large, central island that serves many purposes: prepping, cooking, socializing, homework, and more. Everyone wants a workhorse that does it all. And we are always happy to oblige. Here’s some of our “must-haves” when it comes to designing large, multi-purpose kitchen islands.


The first place to start is always seating. How much and what type of seating you want to incorporate helps determine the island size and height. Bar stools require an island that’s 36″ or 42″ high. Regular chairs require a 2-level island. Whenever possible, we like to extend the island overhang on more than one side so that your seating arrangement can encourage conversation, a great option for clients who plan to do a lot of entertaining.

Hyde Park Kitchen. Design by Dresner Design. Photo by Jim Tschetter.

Counter Space

The biggest benefit of a large kitchen island is the extra surface area it provides – whether it be for prep work, eating, entertaining, or homework. Having that extra counter space is key. If your kitchen is large enough to have the appliances in the perimeter space, consider leaving the majority of the island top open, versatile counter space.

Elysian Kitchen. Design by Dresner Design. Photo by Jim Tschetter.


Large kitchen islands also create opportunities for additional storage with deep drawers or cabinets for kitchen items you might not use on a daily basis. They can even be a way to “hide” less attractive appliances like the microwave. By moving the microwave under the island, it frees up space in the perimeter allowing you room for a window or maybe some open shelving.

Highland Park Kitchen. Design by Dresner Design. Photo by Jim Tschetter


The kitchen is the soul of the home. And the island is the focal point of the kitchen. So this is arguably one of the most important pieces in your space, which means it not only has to serve many purposes, but it has to stand out. You can use an island to bring contrast and drama to the kitchen’s aesthetic by introducing a different color or material into the island design. Or select some beautiful pendant lighting to really put the spotlight on the island. When you work with Dresner Design, we always go the extra mile to bring extra style into our kitchens.

The Ronsley. Design by Dresner Design. Photo by Jim Tschetter

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